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Mobile Treatment Center Rentals - The only choice for Canada!

MTC Rentals is a Mobile Treatment Center and Ambulance rental service with a vision to provide quality industrial first aid response vehicles to those that need it. We collaborate with construction companies, industrial medic services and government agencies to comply with regulatory safety requirements of industry and government. Serving customers across Canada, MTC Rentals is the go-to destination for your worksite safety needs.


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Compare Buying & Renting

Buying a unitRenting a unit
Large long term investmentNo minimum contract
Uncertainty of consistent workOnly pay for what you use
Requires parking spacePick up or drop off at any of our locations
Need additional supplies readily availableWe restock the units
Keeping up-to-date with OH&S regulationsGuaranteed OH&S compliant
Potential loss of vehicle through an accidentOffers replacement vehicles

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