Kelowna, BC
Grande Prairie, AB
BC: 1 (778) 721-5732
Alberta: 1 (780) 652-1204

Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Process

  1. Once you have filled in this form please email a copy to
  2. We will send you a Rental Agreement to be signed and returned.
  3. We will send you location and pickup instructions for your rental.
  4. Once you are finished please contact us for drop off instructions.


Time to process rentals may take up to 48 hrs. In some cases we can do same day rentals.


  • For rentals over 30 days the customer is responsible for regular maintenance for the vehicle recommended by the manufacturer. This typically applies to oil changes only.
  • For rentals under 30 days there is no required maintenance by the client.


  • If a customer has rental coverage, fleet coverage for non-owned vehicles or has transferable insurance, this will cover the insurance requirements for the any rentals.
  • If the customer declines the Loss Damage Waiver Package, the customer must assume full responsibility of the total cash value for the vehicle and any other charges resulting from damages that incurred during the rental period.


  • A $2,500 per-authorization may be required in order to rent any of our equipment. For your convenience, we accept Visa and Master Card.


  • Your Credit Card will be charged automatically following the issuance of an invoice.
  • If you wish to change your payment method please contact us at (780) 652-1204 or email for alternative payment options.
  • Customers are allowed to pay using the following methods:
    • VISA
    • Master Card
    • Pre Authorized Debit

Drivers License

  • A valid driver’s license is required in order to operate any of our vehicles.


  • There is a standard $129 cleaning fee after the return of any rental.
  • Any missing fuel will be added to the final bill at the cost of the $3.20/L.
  • In addition there is a $29 service fee for rentals returned with fuel below full.
  • Minor rock chips and cracks to a windshield will not be charged for a windshield replacement if the damage incurred is less than the size of a toonie (3cm). Anything greater than 3cm may be subject to a full windshield replacement charge.

Driving Area Restrictions

  • Our rental vehicles must not be taken out of Canada.


  • We have Pick-up and Drop-off locations in Grande Prairie and Kelowna.
  • We offer delivery to any site or location for a cost of $3.50/KM from either of our locations. This is a one way charge. Pick up from any location is available at the same cost.Example: Grande Prairie to Dawson Creek is 131 KMs which would cost $327.50 for delivery.

In-Car Smoking Policy

  • Our rental fleet is 100% smoke-free.
  • If you or your passengers choose to smoke, you must smoke outside the vehicle.