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MTC Rentals now offers medic services!

We have teamed up with MTC Medics – to keep up with growing demand and offer a vital level of medical services to our new and valued customers.   MTC Medics is a full service medic company – offering OFA Level 3 to Paramedic level care. Our medics have many years of experience, are well…
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🚒🔥 High Demand Alert: First Aid Vehicle Rentals Soaring for British Columbia Forest Fires! 🔥🚒

Summer has arrived, and with it comes the annual challenge of battling forest fires that threaten the picturesque landscapes of British Columbia. The demand for ETVs and MTCs in BC has increased steadily over the past few years as firefighting crews gear up to combat the escalating infernos. Are you ready to join the frontline…
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MTC Mounting Brackets

We often have customers who have found their operational MTC is incorrectly mounted. MTCs from the manufacturer are designed with a roll cage, which is fully roll over certified. That roll over certification is only valid with a properly mounted MTC unit. Here is how our MTCs are mounted down: – Directly to the truck…
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First Aid Requirements (CHARTS) – Alberta

(source: OHS Code –     Table 1: First aid requirements for low hazard work   Number of workers at work site per shift   Close work site (up to 20 minutes)   Distant work site (20 – 40 minutes)   Isolated work site (more than 40 minutes)   1   Type P First…
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First Aid Requirements (CHARTS) – British Columbia

(source: WorkSafeBC)   Table 1: Low risk of injury and that is more than 20 minutes surface travel time away from a hospital. Item Number of workers per shift Supplies, equipment, and facility Level of first aid certificate for attendant Transportation 1 1 Personal first aid kit 2 2-5 Basic first aid kit 3 6-30…
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ETV vs MTC vs Industrial Ambulance

Below are 3 definitions of vehicles used to transport injured workers on industrial work sites: Source:   Emergency Transport Vehicle (ETV) The vehicle should be capable of traversing the area it is intended to serve. It should have a minimum headroom of 1 metre (3.3 feet). It should provide protection from the natural elements…
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WorkSafeBC stop usage orders on the Express Custom ETV units

Source: WorkSafeBC stop usage orders on the Express Custom ETV unit were issued May 2019 and rescinded later in the fall. There is nothing prohibiting their use as the manufacturer contests a stop production order prohibiting their sale.   There are over 300 Express Custom ETV units in the field and the Parksville, B.C.…
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Top 5 Stethoscopes for Paramedics

If this is your first Stethoscope or if you are looking for an upgrade, below is a list of our top 5 picks for the best Stethoscope for Paramedics, EMTs and First Responders. A Quick Look at the Best Overall Stethoscopes   Raking Name Features Our Rating Best Overall 3M Littmann Classic III Tunable diaphragm…
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What is CMVSS and what do MTC / ETV units require for rollover protection?

If a vehicle is being used for transportation of injured workers the vehicle and any attachments must meet rollover requirements. Below you can find information regarding these requirements: What does CMVSS stand for? Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards   What does FMVSS stand for? Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (USA)   Where can I get…
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Studded Tire Regulations

Depending on which province you work in there are different regulations for studded tires across Canada.             Below is a chart of all the Provinces and their current regulations. Canada Province Studded Tire Regulations British Columbia Permitted Oct. 1 to Apr. 30 Alberta Permitted Year Round Saskatchewan Permitted Year Round…
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