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The benefits of Renting an MTC

Ease Of Use If you have ever rented a vehicle from popular rental company such as Enterprise Rent-A-Car or Avis, you know how easy getting into a brand new vehicle can be. Within only minutes you are given the keys to reliable vehicle that will perform its job flawlessly and get you to where you…
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Tips for buying a used MTC

Used MTCs are a lot like used cars in terms of mechanical wear issues, but they also have the added complexity of the medical and electrical equipment in the rear patient compartment. Unlike the average vehicle, a lot of people will be depending on your MTC to function properly, and in many cases the situation…
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Do’s and Don’ts for Ambulance Rentals

Whether you are renting an Ambulance for a local event or need an off-road Mobile Treatment Centre (MTC) for an industrial job site, here are a couple Do’s and Don’ts for a smooth rental experience.   Don’t – Don’t assume the rental Ambulance will have all the equipment you’ll need Depending on your jurisdiction, some…
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Proper cleaning of MTCs and Ambulances

Proper cleaning of MTCs and Ambulances by Dion Siluch There are a couple factors to keep in mind when we are cleaning these types of industrial response units. Because of their remote locations, non-sterile environments and distances from hospitals, it is not possible to keep these units 100% bacteria free and sterile. In the case…
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Life Changing Paramedic Stories – 18 Year Old vs Power Line

Life Changing Paramedic Stories – 18 Year Old vs Power Line by Dion Siluch Motor vehicle accidents are one of the more common calls we go to. Even though they only account for 18% of our 911 calls, they are usually unpredictable and have to highest risk to the paramedics for injuries and screw ups.…
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Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation

Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation – Concert Aug 27 2016 Hello Everyone! Have you ever visited a hospital? Typically the average person stays in a hospital for 9.3 days for after being admitted. Here at MTC Rentals we want to ease the pain of long visits and give back to the people working and making…
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MTC’s that are not CMVSS roller compliant

This past month I was attending the Richie Bros Auction looking for some great deals on trucks. During my time there I noticed a few MTCs manufactured by Travelaire being auctioned and noticed something very interesting. None of the Travelaire MTCs had roller over protection certified by CMVSS for use as an emergency vehicle. This…
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Grande Prairie Success Story

Success Story Today’s success story comes from our local community, Joe lives in Grande Prairie and recently added a new MTC to his service. Thank you Joe for your support and purchasing a Pre Owned MTC from us.

Delivery into Northwest Territories

Delivery into Northwest Territories Ever wonder how the far north gets their internet? That’s right, a new fiber optic line is being installed heading into northern Northwest Territories and MTC Rentals is proud to be involved. This week we delivered 3 fully stocked Mobile Treatment Centers to the workers that will be installing this new…
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Mobile Treatment Center – Industrial Ambulance Rentals

MTC Rentals – Mobile Treatment Center Rentals Welcome To MTC Rentals Blog. The place for companies requiring short notice and long term leasing of Medical Vehicles to share their information. MTC Rentals is a dedicated Mobile Treatment Center and Industrial Ambulance Rentals company servicing clients in Western Canada founded in 2013.