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MTC’s that are not CMVSS roller compliant

This past month I was attending the Richie Bros Auction looking for some great deals on trucks. During my time there I noticed a few MTCs manufactured by Travelaire being auctioned and noticed something very interesting.

None of the Travelaire MTCs had roller over protection certified by CMVSS for use as an emergency vehicle.

This brought up some concern about the units.

My biggest concern was that these units had decals on the sides advertising it as a first aid unit.

According to Alberta standards this is illegal—

“In order for an MTC to serve as a medical transport vehicle, it is deemed a passenger compartment under the regulations, and therefore must meet the following sections of Transport Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Act:

  • 205 – Glazing Materials
  • 206 – Door Locks & Door Retention Components
  • 207 – Anchorage of Seats
  • 208 – Occupant Restraint Systems in Frontal Impact
  • 209 – Seat Belt Assemblies
  • 210 – Seat Belt Assembly Anchorages
  • 220 – Rollover Protection
  • 302 – Flammability”

Let me be clear, it’s not that I don’t like Travelaire I just hesitate when I see them being sold as MTCs when they are not allowed to be used. It may be different in other provinces but in Alberta I would look elsewhere.











Dion Siluch