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MTC Mounting Brackets

We often have customers who have found their operational MTC is incorrectly mounted. MTCs from the manufacturer are designed with a roll cage, which is fully roll over certified. That roll over certification is only valid with a properly mounted MTC unit. Here is how our MTCs are mounted down: – Directly to the truck…
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First Aid Requirements (CHARTS) – Alberta

(source: OHS Code –     Table 1: First aid requirements for low hazard work   Number of workers at work site per shift   Close work site (up to 20 minutes)   Distant work site (20 – 40 minutes)   Isolated work site (more than 40 minutes)   1   Type P First…
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First Aid Requirements (CHARTS) – British Columbia

(source: WorkSafeBC)   Table 1: Low risk of injury and that is more than 20 minutes surface travel time away from a hospital. Item Number of workers per shift Supplies, equipment, and facility Level of first aid certificate for attendant Transportation 1 1 Personal first aid kit 2 2-5 Basic first aid kit 3 6-30…
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Proper cleaning of MTCs and Ambulances

Proper cleaning of MTCs and Ambulances by Dion Siluch There are a couple factors to keep in mind when we are cleaning these types of industrial response units. Because of their remote locations, non-sterile environments and distances from hospitals, it is not possible to keep these units 100% bacteria free and sterile. In the case…
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MTC’s that are not CMVSS roller compliant

This past month I was attending the Richie Bros Auction looking for some great deals on trucks. During my time there I noticed a few MTCs manufactured by Travelaire being auctioned and noticed something very interesting. None of the Travelaire MTCs had roller over protection certified by CMVSS for use as an emergency vehicle. This…
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