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What is CMVSS and what do MTC / ETV units require for rollover protection?

If a vehicle is being used for transportation of injured workers the
vehicle and any attachments must meet rollover requirements.

Below you can find information regarding these requirements:

What does CMVSS stand for?

Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards


What does FMVSS stand for?

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (USA)


Where can I get a certification?

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide certificates for
each MTC/ETV. Call the manufacturer for a copy of the certificate.


Can I certify my own units to CMVSS rollover

No, this is a lengthy process done by the manufacturer. Once testing and
requirements have been met, each unit of the same design by the same
manufacturer are certified.


Are there special procedures to install

Yes, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Any shortcuts
(such as attaching the unit to the bed of the truck instead of the
chassis) may result a compromised CMVSS certificate.


Where can I find more information about Rollover

You can find more information at the Transport Canada Motor Vehicle
Safety regulations.


What requirements do you have to meet to become FMVSS


“When a force in Newtons equal to 1½ times the unloaded vehicle weight
in kilograms multiplied by 9.8 m/sec2 is applied to the roof of the
vehicle’s body structure through a force application plate as specified
in S5, Test Procedures (a)The downward vertical movement at any point on
the application plate shall not exceed 130 mm and(b)Each emergency exit
of the vehicle provided in accordance with section 217 of the Motor
Vehicle Safety Regulations Standard No.217 (Sec.571.217) shall be
capable of opening as specified in that Regulation standard during the
full application of the force and after release of the force, except
that an emergency exit located in the roof of the vehicle is not
required to be capable of being opened during the application of the
force. A particular vehicle (i.e., test specimen) need not meet the
emergency exit opening requirement after release of force if it is
subjected to the emergency exit opening requirements during the full
application of the force.”


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