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🚒🔥 High Demand Alert: First Aid Vehicle Rentals Soaring for British Columbia Forest Fires! 🔥🚒

Summer has arrived, and with it comes the annual challenge of battling forest fires that threaten the picturesque landscapes of British Columbia. The demand for ETVs and MTCs in BC has increased steadily over the past few years as firefighting crews gear up to combat the escalating infernos. Are you ready to join the frontline…
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MTC Mounting Brackets

We often have customers who have found their operational MTC is incorrectly mounted. MTCs from the manufacturer are designed with a roll cage, which is fully roll over certified. That roll over certification is only valid with a properly mounted MTC unit. Here is how our MTCs are mounted down: – Directly to the truck…
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ETV vs MTC vs Industrial Ambulance

Below are 3 definitions of vehicles used to transport injured workers on industrial work sites: Source:   Emergency Transport Vehicle (ETV) The vehicle should be capable of traversing the area it is intended to serve. It should have a minimum headroom of 1 metre (3.3 feet). It should provide protection from the natural elements…
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WorkSafeBC stop usage orders on the Express Custom ETV units

Source: WorkSafeBC stop usage orders on the Express Custom ETV unit were issued May 2019 and rescinded later in the fall. There is nothing prohibiting their use as the manufacturer contests a stop production order prohibiting their sale.   There are over 300 Express Custom ETV units in the field and the Parksville, B.C.…
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High Demand For EMTs And PCPs

In the past OFA3 and EMR personnel were the staple in first aid response. For low to medium risk work with less than 10 people, these personnel were deemed appropriate for the job at hand. Over the past year we’ve seen an increase request for higher level of training across all job sites in Alberta…
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The benefits of Renting an MTC

Ease Of Use If you have ever rented a vehicle from popular rental company such as Enterprise Rent-A-Car or Avis, you know how easy getting into a brand new vehicle can be. Within only minutes you are given the keys to reliable vehicle that will perform its job flawlessly and get you to where you…
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Do’s and Don’ts for Ambulance Rentals

Whether you are renting an Ambulance for a local event or need an off-road Mobile Treatment Centre (MTC) for an industrial job site, here are a couple Do’s and Don’ts for a smooth rental experience.   Don’t – Don’t assume the rental Ambulance will have all the equipment you’ll need Depending on your jurisdiction, some…
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Delivery into Northwest Territories

Delivery into Northwest Territories Ever wonder how the far north gets their internet? That’s right, a new fiber optic line is being installed heading into northern Northwest Territories and MTC Rentals is proud to be involved. This week we delivered 3 fully stocked Mobile Treatment Centers to the workers that will be installing this new…
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Mobile Treatment Center – Industrial Ambulance Rentals

MTC Rentals – Mobile Treatment Center Rentals Welcome To MTC Rentals Blog. The place for companies requiring short notice and long term leasing of Medical Vehicles to share their information. MTC Rentals is a dedicated Mobile Treatment Center and Industrial Ambulance Rentals company servicing clients in Western Canada founded in 2013.